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See the wonders of the Oahu's waters & reefs clearly with our transparent kayaks. They are durable & sturdy so they are good for all ages and skill levels. The clear kayaks are made of polycarbonate, which is commonly used to make fighter jets' windshields so you won't need to worry if your kayak hits a rock. They are also light that makes it easy for you to carry or transport them to your favorite kayaking spots. Overall, Clear kayaks are well-built because of its durability, lightweight, impact-resistance, and additionally they are salt & UV resistant that they don't turn yellow overtime. 


What's included?

-Clear kayak

-Aluminum Frame

-2 pairs of paddles

-Kayak floaties

-2 Deluxe padded kayak seats



We only sell and deliver the kayaks on Oahu. Anywhere outside Oahu, you will need to arrange and cover the shipping or delivery fees. 

Clear Kayaks (New)

SKU: clear kayak
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